Street Style/Paparazzi Photo Shoot

Hey girls I know I haven’t blogged in a long time, I’ve been so busy with school and stuff that I haven’t had the time to.

I recently did two photo shoots with the very talented Antonio Srado and by request of many of my Instagram followers I decided to do a blog with the full size images and outfit details. A lot of the pieces I’ve collected over the years so unfortunately you might not find them but I hope you can find these outfits of some inspiration!

First look: This look was suppose to be a celebrity paparazzi style photo shoot. I wanted it look chic and New York ish (even though it was shot in Philadelphia)




For this look I chose I sheer H&M sweater in white, they also have it in other colors. I recommend buying this sweater in every color, you won’t regret it!
The skirt is a leather skater skirt from Forever 21, again another versatile piece.
Shoes are also from Forever 21 unfortunately I got them last year so you might not find them, but if you find shoes that look like this buy them!! I wear these with shorts, dresses, leggings, jeans everything! They’re so comfortable as well.

For the second look I just randomly chose something out of my closet and it just worked lol. I’m not sure what to describe this look as but it reminds me of London street style. I wanted to incorporate some of my summer wardrobe into this fall look by using the sheer tank and jean shorts.



20131011-191252.jpg (behind the scenes shot)

Blazer: Leather Material girl tuxedo style blazer (I got two years ago, so it’s not available anymore)
Tank: Sheer Tank is from Ross
Shorts: Thrifted L.E.I jeans turned into shorts
Bowler hat: EBay , I bought it for $4 compared to Urban Outfitters $40 *amazeballs*
Boots: Steve Madden over the knee boots. I bought them two years ago and it was my first time wearing them, but I will be wearing them so much more now!

I really hope that you have pieces in your closet or can go out to buy them to recreate these looks. The photo shoot was so much fun. Follow the photographer on Instagram to check out his other work
IG: @drastiqentertainment
Twitter: MrAntonioSrado
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How I styled my ggbrnd “LGO” Muscle Tank

Hey guys, I’m so glad to be posting once again. This Fashion post was inspired by my ggbrnd “Logo” muscle tank. This brand is a Philadelphia based T-shirt line by Giovadeek Espinosa he designs the most unique t-shirts for men and women. I love these shirts, because they’re so versatile and cool especially for the summer.

How I styled it

1. Flower Child Grunge

I love mixing grunge and the flower child trend, because it just looks so cool. It’s grungy but still a little feminine.Image

T-Shirt: ggbrnd “Logo” Muscle Tank
Shorts: Thrifted EXPRESS jeans that I later turned into high waisted shorts
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Spiked “Litas”

Accessories:Black Daisies Flower Crown made by me

2. Quirky Cute

For this look I was going for quirky girly look that still looked chic. I love how this muscle tank looks with the Forever 21 scuba fabric coral skirt. The space buns (one of my favorite hairstyles) gave it the quirky girlie look that I was going for.


Shirt: ggbrnd “Logo” Muscle Tank

Skirt: Forever 21 Skater Skirt

Shoes: Forever 21 Basic Black Sandals

3. Urban Office Look

For this look I wanted to do a look that was a little office wear, but also urban. I paired the muscle tank (urban) with a sleek black pencil skirt (office), then I paired it with my black sneaker wedges.


Shirt: ggbrnd “Logo” Muscle Tank

Skirt: H&M Basics Collection

Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory Sneaker Wedges

Well guys that was all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and found it useful. Comment below and tell me what was your favorite look!

Thanks for reading -d
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My beauty and hair beach essentials

Hey dolls,
It’s summer and there’s nothing worse than when you overpack or forget something for a beach trip. So in this blog I will be listing my to go beauty and hair products that must be in my beach bag besides tanning oil, beach towel, or sunscreen.

1. Beauty Products
I’m not really a big fan of heavy makeup on a regular basis and especially at the beach. I always go with a little mascara and filling my brows in. I decided to add extra products for after the beach or lake.

-The BB Cream I chose is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. The first time I tried it I didn’t like it, but now I’m obsessed with it, I have dry skin and this gives me the moisture without the oiliness and heavy feeling.


– Maybelline “Rocket Volume Express” waterproof. I’m not a big fan of this mascara, because it’s a pain to get off. On a daily basis I use non waterproof mascara, because the waxes on waterproof mascara makes your lashes very brittle. I definitely recommend waterproof for the beach/lake, so you won’t have black stuff running down your face.


-Sheercover Eye palette “Modern Classics” and Cover Girl brow pencil in “Midnight Brown”. I have light eyebrows so I always shade them in. These are the products I’ve been using; I shape my brows with the pencil then lightly shade and smooth out the lines with the brush. For the beach/lake don’t overdo it , make it look as natural as possible.


– Maybelline Baby Lips in “Quenched” with SPF 20 and E.L.F Lipstain in “Fashionista”.
It’s so important to protect your lips while you’re in the sun. A product that I’ve been loving is Baby Lips not only because the packaging is super cute, but also most of them have SPF. I recently lost my favorite one and bought a new one and this one is actual sunscreen for your lips. I love it because if I don’t wear Chapstick with SPF my lips get very red and nasty. The next item is the ELF LS in “Fashionista” I would wear this more afterwards like if I’m going to walk the boardwalk as a pop of color. I honestly have no complain about this lipstain it’s affordable and a little product goes a long way.


2. Hair Products
If you love to get in the beach water, you know it can be pretty salty and damaging for your hair. So I’m going to list a product that I love on a daily basis and a product that I’m going to try this weekend cause I’ve heard a lot good things about it.

-One and Only Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil)
I know y’all hear me always talk about, but I honestly it’s really good to eliminate frizz and add moisture to your hair especially after the sun and salt touched it can get very brittle. I recommend applying this before and after you get out of the water on your ends and working your way up. It’s going to leave your hair looking shiny and healthy. You won’t regret it!


-Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.
Who doesn’t love their hair after you get out of the water? There’s something about beach water and even lake water that makes our hair look so cool that we can’t get after the hair washing. I’ve been dying to try this out cause I’ve seen a lot of YouTube beauty gurus use this and love it. It’s awesome for all hair types and even girls who have straight hair to get those soft natural beach waves.


So those were my beauty product essentials for my day out in the beach or lake. Tomorrow I will be posting a fashion beach essential post. Stay tunes and please subscribe!

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How to wear Crochet Shorts 3 Ways

Hey girls/guys I bought a pair of crochet shorts about a month ago from Ross and was unsure of how to wear them. After looking for outfit ideas I finally found three ways to wear my crochet shorts. So lets get started 🙂

1.Casual Grunge
So if your girls have me on Instagram or are familiar with my blogs you know that my style consist of a lot grunge edgy items. So to give these shorts a grunge look I paired it with a “Star Trek” muscle tank, Jeffrey Campbell spiked “Litas”, and two gold chains from a thrift store.


Shorts: Ross ($12.99)
Star Trek muscle tank: Ross ($4.99)
Necklaces: Thrift Store
Jeffrey Campbell Spiked “Litas”

2. Date night
This look is perfect if you’re going on a date or to the mall. It’s soft and feminine yet it’s not too dressy. This look can be flexible for any type of date. The sandals have the perfect wedge and they’re so comfortable.


Shorts: Ross ($12.99)
Top: Ross ($5.99)
Necklace: Burlington Coat Factory ($5.99)
Wedge Gladiator Sandals: Steve Madden ($30.00)

3. Pop of Color
This outfit is more of a dressy/sexy look. The sheer tie up blouse gives the outfit a pop of color. This can be worn to a party/club/lounge if you want to look effortless dressy. The blouse and shorts show the right amount of skin again balancing the sexy. The tan strappy sandals gives this a summery look.


Shorts: Ross ($12.99)
Sheer Blouse: Ross ($9.99)
Shoes: Rampage: ($25.99)

I hope all these outfits served as inspiration and thanks for reading 🙂


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Behind the scenes of ggraphmedia T-shirt line.

I forgot to share these photos from last Thursday. My bestfriend is launching her lookbook and she’s featuring this awesome photographer that is also doing all the photos for the lookbook and he designs these awesome t-shirts. I really loved it and I can’t wait to do it again! As soon as he launches the T-shirts I will put pictures of all the designs, prices and the contact info. Make sure to follow them for more photos

Photographer Giovadeek Espinosa
tumblr :ggraph
Instagram- novmbrsverryown

Lookbook designer Jennifer Mota Valdez

Mine Darlene Duran
Tumblr :bewareofmyheels12
Instagram: bewareofmyheels12
Twitter :Bewareofmyheels







E.L.F Swatch and Review

Hey dolls, I hope you girls are having an awesome weekend. Last Sunday I made my first online purchase for E.L.F and it arrived yesterday (so exciting). I’ve always loved E.L.F because they’re super affordable and their products are not bad at all. I’m not a very big fan of make up like I don’t do much just a little but if bronzer, mascara, lipstick, or my brows. I love that they’re affordable so if I don’t like a product (which hasn’t happened to me yet). I love all of their lip products. So lets begin the swatch!


1. Liquid lip stain
I love this, because girls it feels like air as if you don’t have anything on your lips. It comes on matte, and it also has a gloss if you prefer a glossy look. I love the matte look so I never use it. I bought it in the shades “First Date”, “Fashionista” and “Heartbreaker”.



2. Luscious Liquid Lipstick
I didn’t get to try these on yet, but they smell minty which I think it’s pretty cool. And guess what? They’re only a dollar so if you feel like purchasing all of them to see what shades you like and if you don’t you won’t feel bad because it didn’t cost much. I got them in the shades “Raspberry”, “Cherry Tart”, “Strawberry”, and “Baby Lips”. They’re pretty sheer which is not bad again I haven’t fully tried them on, but I like them.



3.Matte Lip Color
The thing I love the most about this product is that it’s like a lip liner/lipstick so you don’t have to purchase a lip liner (which I struggle with). I love this product. I purchased them in “Rich Red” and “Coral”. I love both especially “Coral” it looks so natural and it makes my lips look bigger.


4. HD Blush
I’ve been wanting to try a cream/liquid blush, so I decided to give this a try. A little goes a long way girls, you don’t even need a dime sized. I got this in “Superstar” it’s like a natural peachy color.



5.Studio Brushes
Okay besides the fact that they’re so affordable they always have promos going on. They usually have free shipping on order of $25+ or 15% off your first purchase. This time they had free shipping on $25+ and your choice of 5 Studio Brushes. I was so happy because I was in need of new brushes, so I seized the opportunity. I don’t know a lot of brushes, but these are super soft I love them.


So my advice to you girls is to check them out! I only paid $31 for all of this. They have a sale of their Spring palettes which is to die for. Such a good deal the most expensive one if $35. I hope you girls enjoyed the swatch/review. Thanks for reading

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